Founded in 2009 as a resolve to the question; where can a fashion conscious man of any persuasion find style, fit & comfort to accommodate his Junk without having to resort to something that only comes in a 3-pack or is tight & white. It is no longer a secret that Victoria answered the needs of women...but men have their needs for fashion under apparel as well. Junk Underjeans was conceived to address the needs of the fashion conscious male by offering seasonal innovative fashion product that not only looks great on but is extremely comfortable as well. Both having diverse backgrounds in fashion apparel, the two partners Louise Lai & Sean Gregg believed that if the fashion didn’t exist in the market that they’d take on the challenge themselves and Junk Underjeans was created.

The Athlete collection from Junk is easily among the best fashion activewear that we've seen. We're especially in love with the Warrior Hoodie and Pants and their performance stretch fabrics. Though engineered for the gym, we think they're perfect as well for taking the dog on a walk or devouring ice cream while binging on Netflix. If you're a fan of Lululemon gear, definitely check out these pieces to add to your routine.